Christmas is Near

Christmas is so near! I can feel it!

Well... not really feel it because it's not getting cold here, it just keeps raining... everyday! But... holiday decors are everywhere. As you can see from my previous posts, I've set up our Christmas tree here at home (although it's not complete yet). Plus I made some cookies to give out as gifts to friends. Yeah... I think I'm getting addicted to baking. hihihi!

This Christmas, most of hubby's co-workers/friends at work will be going home to the Philippines. There will only be a few of us left here in Singapore. So we might have a get-together on the 25th here at home. Hmm... what to cook... what to cook... Of course I immediately volunteered the dessert. hihihi!


Dhemz 12/11/2009 9:20 AM  

I missed the xmas celeb in the PI....dito kasi iba eh....ehehe!

good for enjoy baking....I used to..but now..wala na kasi akong time....busy din sa baked cookies few months ago...kaso I burnt them...dahil sa!

thanks sa dalaw sis...glad to be here!

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