I'm "Studying" Japanese

I've been wanting to study Japanese for a looong time. I've had basic lessons before when I was working. I worked for a Japanese company before and I was also sent to Japan for a few months.

When I was in Japan, I also had some lessons there, plus I was able to borrow a co-worker's Japanese book Minna no Nihongo, but returned it when I went back to the Philippines.

It's been years and I've forgotten a lot of what I've learned before. Now, I want to study again... just in case hubby wants to go to Japan. He seriously wants to go there and try out everything authentic Japanese hihihi!

So now, I'm trying to review what I've learned before and try to learn more. I've borrowed some books from the library, like Japanese Phrases For Dummies. I also have some phrasebooks that I bought a long time ago and I brought it with me here in Singapore.

Wish me luck! Hope I won't be too lazy to open those pages every now and then. :)


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