Mike's Wish for New Year's Eve

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It's December... time flies so fast. Just a few days ago it was the start of 2009. And now, in just a few days it will be the year 2010 already.

Normally, people create wishlists for Christmas. Like my sister, Nikki, every year she will create her Christmas wishlist and post it in her blog and Facebook page for everyone to see. Her wishlist usually makes us laugh because some are way too expensive, or some are so hard to find. And her wishlist is like usually more than five.

Me, I do not create a wishlist. My only wish every year is for my family to be always healthy and safe and happy.

Unlike most people, Mike Teo also has a wishlist and it's not for Christmas. His wishlist is for new year. Mike has six items in his wishlist for a hot New Year's Eve party. His 6 wishes are:

  1. Disco Roller Girls

  2. GI Janes with Beer Soakers

  3. Beer Fountain with Your Mates

  4. Beer Foam Party with Your Mates

  5. Mechanical Bull Riding

  6. Bungee Jumping with a Santarina

Weird wish? Nah! Everyone has their own preferences.

We can help make Mike's Wishes come trueby voting. Vote for one of his wishes and Carlsberg will grant the winning wish to Mike. And did I say his friends will benefit from this too? Lucky huh? :)

When you vote, you will not only help Mike and his friends get his wish, you can also win some fabulous prizes. So it's like hitting two birds with one stone.

There are two ways to vote:

1. Via Mike's Facebook Fan Page

To vote on Mike's Facebook Fan Page, go to: http://www.facebook.com/mikeswishes

2. By SMS

To vote by SMS:
Send Carlsberg Name NRIC Wish Number to 78111

Example: Carlsberg John Lee S7911111T 2
1 for Roller Girls
2 for G.I. Janes
3 for Beer Fountain
4 for Foam Party
5 for Bull Riding
6 for Bungee Jumping

Vote now and YOU could win prizes!

Grand Prize
  • 2 Grand Prize Winners
  • $5,000 each + VIP tickets to Celebrate 2010 for winner and 3 friends
1st Prize
  • 5 Winners
  • VIP tickets to Celebrate 2010 for the winner and 3 friends
  • The VIP tickets include access to the Carlsberg Lounge on the floating platform, free flow beer and finger food, and a chance to meet Mike and experience his wishes.
2nd Prize
  • 100 Winners
  • General admission tickets to Celebrate 2010 for winner and 1 friend.

The winning wish will be announced at Celebrate 2010, the biggest countdown event at The Float @ Marina Bay on 31 December 2009.

And the grand finale:
  • Mike will attend the party with his friends, VIP style, where he will see one (or more) of the top 3 nominated wishes come true!
  • Mike will also get his moment of fame on stage, as he helps the party team countdown to the New Year!
  • Mike and Friends, plus all lucky winners from SMS and Facebook votes, will celebrate with Carlsberg and experience some of the wishes at the Carlsberg VIP Lounge on the floating platform.
So why not vote? Nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

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