The Japan Adventure - Stage 1

Friday last week, Lloyd went on leave from work. Perfect timing to go to the Embassy of Japan and apply for Visa.

I was able to prepare all the requirements just a few days before. We learned, after applying for US Visa last year, to keep all the bank statements being mailed to us. So last week the bank statements were readily available and no need to request a copy from the bank. We also had extra passport-size pictures so no need to get new ones. Three things we just need to prepare - (1) Lloyd's certificate of employment, (2) flight itinerary (required when applying for Japan Visa) and (3) the application forms.

Lloyd was able to get his certificate of employment Thursday... perfect! I've filled-up the forms, and I was able to find a travel agency that can reserve tickets for us.

Friday, we went to the Embassy of Japan. We woke up early because, from my experience in Japan Embassy in the Philippines, I thought there would be a lot of people applying for the visa. And I was wrong. We arrived at the embassy around 9:30AM. We were out of there in less than 10 minutes! There were no one inside, except for a Japanese family. As soon as I got our queue number, our number was immediately called. We gave our requirements, and that's it! We left. The consul gave us two acknowledgement slips to claim the passports on Wednesday.

Now... I can't wait for Wednesday! I can't sleep since last week! Since we applied for the visa! I just hope we'll really get our visas, because it will definitely be a BIG disappointment...

We've never told anyone about this trip. Well, except for my friends/former co-workers living and working in Japan, and our best friends who are in the US. We never told our family in the Philippines and our friends (& Lloyd's co-workers) about it. It's our little secret hihihi!


macy 1/13/2010 2:24 AM  

sama ako sa japan! i want to go there and have been silently wishing that LD needs to go there for a trip soon but that is not likely possible for now because of cost cutting at work.

janis 1/13/2010 2:31 AM  

hihihi! tara sama! :)
no one knows this at home. you're the first :P
I'm imagining it nga not to tell anyone talaga, then just surprise them with pics posted in facebook... kaso malaking possibility magagalit ang mga nanay namin hahaha!

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