The Japan Adventure - Stage 2

We got our visas! I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! hihihihi!

Wednesday last week, we went to the Embassy of Japan. Lloyd went with me because he wants to go to the Philippine Embassy afterwards (it's just beside the Japan Embassy) to inquire about passport renewal. We had lunch first then went to the embassy around 2pm. The consul gave us our passports and... there they are... our visas. We are allowed to stay 15 days in Japan.

The next step: itinerary and hotel booking.

For the itinerary, I've been in constant communication with my friends who work in Tokyo and with one of our Ninang in our wedding who is Japanese and lives near Kobe/Osaka/Kyoto area.

To save money from transportation around Tokyo, my friend is helping me decide which tickets to buy.

There are a lot of discount tickets being sold that can help us save during our stay. The Japan Rail Pass is valid for 7 days but can only be used for JR lines. The advantage of this ticket is it includes the use of their bullet train - the Shinkansen. They also have tickets valid for 14 days and for 21 days.

My friend also suggested another ticket wherein its unlimited ride for the whole day and can be used in different trains and subways in Tokyo. But... do we need an unlimited ride ticket?

So now, I'm listing down the places we can go to (I borrowed a lot of books from the library hihihi) and put together those that are not far away from each other, so less travel, less transfer, less ticket. I'm still not finished with it but I was able to list down the places already. I just need to arrange them accordingly.

For the accommodation, we've decided that we'll be staying in a hotel, and not with my friends in Japan. I've been in constant communication with my friends there, and they suggested some places in Tokyo to look for a hotel - Ueno and Asakusa. From there, I checked the internet for affordable and recommended hotels.

I was able to list down a lot of hotels within Asakusa or Ueno, and from there I compared each one. Things I needed to consider - the accessibility, the quality, and the price. I came up with three hotels to choose from within Ueno. Why Ueno? There is a train that goes straight to Ueno from Narita Airport... and these hotels are just walking distance from the train station. The less transfer the better.

Hotel #1: Near the train station, and fits the budget. From the website (and from Google maps), it looks near the train station. It says that it's 8 minutes away from Ueno station that travels directly from the airport.

Hotel #2: Need to transfer to another train line, but it's the cheapest among the three. Plus, after transferring to another train line, it's just a few minutes walk from the train station.

Hotel #3: Closer to Ueno station and still fits the budget, but more expensive.

The winner: Hotel #1. I discussed this with hubby, and he said the price is okay with him as long as it's accessible. Compared to Hotel #3 which is around SGD40 more expensive. Hotel #2 is tempting because it's really cheap, SGD200 less than Hotel #1. But we decided to pick the first one because of the accessibility.

That's the latest update. :) exciting!!


Mhar's Display 1/21/2010 3:59 AM  

Wow. Congrats for getting your visas.
Japan is one of the places I want to visit in the near future :) Enjoy your trip.


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