Yes or No?

I had a job interview a few weeks ago (see previous post HERE). It was the IT department head who interviewed me and he seems to like me and my background. He didn't even ask technical questions, just asked about my previous job and projects.

Surprisingly I had a second interview last week. I was really surprised I got called again for an interview. Remember, I haven't worked for more than a year... since April 2008! It was the HR who interviewed me this time. Basic HR questions like expected salary and benefits expected. I was there for less than 30 minutes.

Now... I have a problem. I really want to try working again. But the thing is... hubby and I got this vacation planned. We want to try to go visit Japan on Chinese New Year (long weekend, long vacation) and we've been planning (and I've been preparing) for it for months.

So what's the problem there? The problem is... I think the employer needs me to start ASAP. And if I do start immediately, I think it would be weird if less than a month after I started I'd be going on a vacation.

Another problem... what if I got pregnant again this year? I'll quit my job again after working for a very short period with them?

So now... I'm thinking of not accepting the job offer.

I know I'm weird. Some people would tell me not to let this opportunity go. But... I asked hubby. He told me the same thing, don't let the opportunity go but he's also not pressuring me to work. If I don't want to go to work then it's fine with him (love him for that hihihi!). But... I want to try working again. But... I also don't want to work again because I'm very very much comfortable with what I'm doing now... a housewife. I love it and I'll definitely miss it.

... I don't know... 


macy 1/07/2010 9:41 PM  

tough decision to make.

I'ld say let them know that you have a planned vacation already. give them the dates. if they approve your leave for those days, then you might as well go and give it a shot.

PERO really depends on what your priorities are right now.

Hope all goes well.

Jarminator 2/01/2010 12:10 PM  

OMG.. comment ako ulit. i can totally relate!! as in, parang hindi ko na nakikita ang sarili working again hehehe. alam mo un, ung pressured kang pumasok araw araw. i also love being a housewife and tendering to my little boy. so far we're blessed na hindi tayo na foforce mag work.. my bestfriend told me rin na if she has the choice mas gusto nya rin maghousewife. kaso financially, kulang sila.

janis 2/02/2010 8:47 AM  

macy: thanks :) i had a job offer na, and had a meeting with them last week. some unavoidable circumstances came up, kaya d ko mabigay ang final decision ko. pero... gusto ko na ayaw ko! i haven't said yes yet, they've agreed to wait for me till i come back from my vacay (pero for myself i set my deadline to next week, before we leave). d ba ang bait?! they like me so much hahaha!

jarminator: hahaha! d ba?! d ko na din kc ma-picture sarili ko working... pero there's still a part of me na gusto mag-work... hay... let's wait and see. :)

Jarminator 2/15/2010 3:31 PM  

yes, same here. i also wanted to go back to to work... someday and siguro if the need arises na? hahaha. kasi nakakamiss din ung may life ka outside of your family.. may social life ka.. go shopping for clothes para sa office, talk to friends about work not about family naman.. yung something new. to revive you somehow.

anyway.. yes, let's wait and see na lang for our future. but for now,am happy being a fulltime mom and wifey

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