My First Withdraw from PayPal

I finally earned enough money (to withdraw it) in my PayPal account!

From what I know, there is actually no minimum amount to withdraw money from PayPal. But for banks in Singapore if the amount you'll be withdrawing is SGD199.00 and below then you'll need to pay a SGD1.00 fee. So I waited for my money to reach at least SGD200.00 so that I don't have to pay any fees.

I was able to reach USD167.25, when converted equals to SGD226.98. Happy happy joy joy! So I went ahead and withdrew the whole amount to my bank account here in Singapore. I just left the initial SGD3.00 when I opened my PayPal account. :)

Monday afternoon, when I checked my bank account, there it is...


The Johor Bahru Field Trip

No post for quite a while… I’ve missed it! Hihihi!

Last Saturday, Lloyd and I went on a short field trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia with my co-workers. JB, as it’s usually called, is just a few minutes away from Singapore. You just cross the bridge and you’re there.

From what I know, it was a trip being planned for a long time, even before I joined the company. But it got postponed and postponed. The main agenda for this trip - go kart racing. We had a lot of misfortunes that day… but it still was fun. :)

Saturday morning, Lloyd and were at the meeting place (Plaza Singapura’s taxi stand in Dhoby Ghaut) at 8:30 (I was told that the vans we rented will leave at 9:00am). We were the first to arrive, so we went for breakfast first. Most of the people in the trip were late… they arrived past 9am. The last person to arrive was Chien. He was an hour late! There were supposed to be around 19 people joining the trip, but some backed out the last minute. So there were only 14 of us going. 11 Filipinos and 3 non-Filipinos… all the Pinoys were in one big van, the 3 took the smaller van.

By the way, it was raining that day. Not drizzle… RAIN!

We arrived at Singapore’s immigration checkpoint a few minutes later. I decided to queue on the shortest line… bad idea! The guy in front looked like he did not have the proper papers to exit Singapore, so the checking was longer than expected. After what seems like 10minutes, it was my turn. We then realized that it was not just the fault of the guy in front of me… it was the ICA who was slow! Was she a new employee? Does she know what she’s doing? Because she kept on scanning through my passport and it looked like she was looking for something! I can see her monitor from where I was standing and saw that it was an image of my old passport, so I guessed she was looking for my old passport (I just got my new passport 2 weeks ago). So I helped her! I told her “if you’re looking for my old passport it’s here” (pointing at my old passport which I attached to the new one). She still kept on scanning through the pages! My guess (again!) was that she was looking for the ICA’s stamp in my passport. She finally saw it and let me through. Whew! Same thing happened to Lloyd and my co-worker Mean. It took us a long time for the three of us to pass through immigration!!!

Okay, done with Singapore. Off we went across the bridge to Malaysia’s immigration checkpoint. We were fast this time (Mean did not queue behind us… we were thinking that if we queue together we’re bad luck hahaha!). But, when we got to the bus stop, Robert (my other co-worker) and his wife were not there. We tried calling them up but can’t get a connection (no idea why). We even tried calling up the driver of the other van (where Chien and the others were) but we were not able to contact them as well. Mean’s friends went back upstairs but of course we can’t get past the doors to the immigration, so we also can’t see where they were. We waited… and waited… and waited. Lloyd finally tried calling Robert again… success! He answered the call. They finally appeared from the other side of the bus bay 30 minutes or so later. They told us that instead of going to the Bus Bay exit, they went to the JB Central exit, and once you go there, you can’t go back up. So they walked across I-don’t-know-what and I-don’t-know-where but they crossed grasses and bushes just to get to where we were. Adventure!!!

Past 12pm we finally arrived at Jusco Mall in JB where we had lunch. After lunch, we still can’t go straight to the go-kart because it was still raining. Some of the ladies went for a foot spa, Lloyd and I walked around the mall with Michael (another co-worker), the others decided to go bowling. We’ll just meet in front of the mall at 3pm.

After a few walks around the mall, we realized there was no bowling alley. So the others were just walking around the mall as well. At 3pm, it was still raining. So Chien suggested to this bowling place just 10 minutes away from the mall. We got to the bowling place and played one set… of course I got the lowest score hihihi. Good thing the rain stopped so after the game we went straight to the go-kart.

Permas Go-Kart in Plentong Johor was worth the wait. They have a very big race track! 10 minutes would cost you 35RM. :D Some even went for a second round (Robert, Lloyd and Chien). Robert and Chien even went for a third round. It was fun! But you’ll end up with an achy body… it’s like 10 minutes of seating on a massage chair that’s not relaxing at all hahaha!

We left the go-kart around 7pm. We were going to this hawker center to have dinner. We all thought something was wrong because the driver was driving very slowly. It seemed like we were already driving for an hour when in fact the hawker center is just a few minutes away. The driver then went to a stop and told us he was having car trouble. We asked if we can just go straight to Singapore and skip dinner because it was past 8pm already. The driver said that it’s not possible because he needed to have the van fixed before we can go to Singapore. So no choice, we went to the hawker center and had dinner.

After dinner, the drivers of the two vans told us that the van can’t be fixed so they need to have a replacement van (we can’t all fit in the other van because it’s just a seven-seater), which means we need to wait 20 minutes more (they should’ve done that while we were eating so less waiting for us!). We didn’t walk around or sit at the hawker center, we just waited there… I think we were all too lazy to walk around too. Finally the replacement arrived; we left Malaysia and arrived in Singapore around 10:30pm.

This field trip was tiring, and adding all those bad lucks we had it was a pain in the ***. But we still had fun and we met new friends. :D Will we do it again? Yes. And I guess Lloyd’s answer will be a big YES because of the go-kart. Hahaha!

I Said Yes

A long overdue news, way before my husband and I went to Japan - I'm working again.

If you remember my previous post Yes or No, I was contemplating whether to accept the job or not. A lot of circumstances stopped me from saying yes to them… really unavoidable circumstances.

One of those circumstances, and a major one, was that hubby was offered to relocate to their office’s London branch. So we MIGHT move to the UK. He was told that the possible date might be in July to give us ample time to fix and settle things here. My brain was like… I don’t know…. Surprised maybe. I was in panic mode even though this happened end of January & the move is July. We have a lot of stuffs & furniture at home… sofas, bed, a few closets, dining table and stuffs in the kitchen. I was already thinking of a way to get rid of them – (1) send a few of them back to the Philippines which will definitely be costly, (2) bring them with us when we move, (3) sell them, or (4) leave them there. Not only that, we also have some insurance/investment we need to pay. We can’t just let those go like that... we just started paying for it.

One to two weeks after that news, the company (which is now my employer) called me up. It’s been a month since their last call so I thought I didn’t get the job. I told them about the problem and they understand. Since the offer to my husband is still in the planning phase and not yet final they gave me 2 weeks which was until February 17 after the Chinese New Year weekend, to give my decision. The due date was perfect because we would be back from our Japan vacation by then. :)

A day or two before we leave to Japan, hubby gave me the news… the relocation won’t push through. It was a bit disappointing and a relief at the same time. Disappointed because we’ve already set our minds to it. Relieved because I’m scared to move there… it’s too far hihihi!

So as soon as hubby told me the news, I called up my employer and told them YES. I decided to give it a try. There’s no harm in trying. :) If I don’t like the job, I can quit.

So now I’m working. I’ve been working for three weeks now, and so far so good. :) The environment here is a bit relaxed which I really like a lot. We’ll see what will happen next. :)

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