I Said Yes

A long overdue news, way before my husband and I went to Japan - I'm working again.

If you remember my previous post Yes or No, I was contemplating whether to accept the job or not. A lot of circumstances stopped me from saying yes to them… really unavoidable circumstances.

One of those circumstances, and a major one, was that hubby was offered to relocate to their office’s London branch. So we MIGHT move to the UK. He was told that the possible date might be in July to give us ample time to fix and settle things here. My brain was like… I don’t know…. Surprised maybe. I was in panic mode even though this happened end of January & the move is July. We have a lot of stuffs & furniture at home… sofas, bed, a few closets, dining table and stuffs in the kitchen. I was already thinking of a way to get rid of them – (1) send a few of them back to the Philippines which will definitely be costly, (2) bring them with us when we move, (3) sell them, or (4) leave them there. Not only that, we also have some insurance/investment we need to pay. We can’t just let those go like that... we just started paying for it.

One to two weeks after that news, the company (which is now my employer) called me up. It’s been a month since their last call so I thought I didn’t get the job. I told them about the problem and they understand. Since the offer to my husband is still in the planning phase and not yet final they gave me 2 weeks which was until February 17 after the Chinese New Year weekend, to give my decision. The due date was perfect because we would be back from our Japan vacation by then. :)

A day or two before we leave to Japan, hubby gave me the news… the relocation won’t push through. It was a bit disappointing and a relief at the same time. Disappointed because we’ve already set our minds to it. Relieved because I’m scared to move there… it’s too far hihihi!

So as soon as hubby told me the news, I called up my employer and told them YES. I decided to give it a try. There’s no harm in trying. :) If I don’t like the job, I can quit.

So now I’m working. I’ve been working for three weeks now, and so far so good. :) The environment here is a bit relaxed which I really like a lot. We’ll see what will happen next. :)


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