I got a text message from my mom yesterday morning, "Wla na inang wed libing" (Inang is gone will be burried Wednesday). Inang, a Tagalog word for mother, is my grandmother (my dad's mother). She passed away 25th April, Sunday morning. She's 85 years old.

She had been sick for a long time now. She had been in and out of the hospital, and the last time I was in the Philippines she was in the ICU and undergoing dialysis.

I'll be going back to the Philippines tomorrow to pay my last respects.

Good-bye Inang. 


The Kablogs Journal 4/28/2010 10:17 PM  

Please accept our condolences. At age of 85, she surely had lived a wonderful life.

Ruthi 5/01/2010 3:44 AM  

My condolences and prayers are with you.

grace 5/22/2010 3:01 AM  

my condolence..where in pinas are you?

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