Raining Cats & Dogs Again

A few days ago, the news of the flood along Orchard Road in Singapore circulated like wildfire. It was very uncommon! Last time it happened was in 1984 (I think). The cause: blocked drain.

The said drain was as wide as a bus, but there was just too much debris that time, ergo the flash flood.

Early today, it's raining again... and it's HEAVY! And there's even zero visibility in some areas! By 9am some areas of Singapore got flooded already. My boss, when he arrived, walked around the office barefoot. He said it was because the parking lot was flooded, and his shoes and socks were soaking wet. A lot of people were soaking wet, some even just stayed at home and work there (JEALOUS!).

Hubby has no problem walking from the train station to his work because there's an underpass that goes straight to his office building. Me, I took the bus from the train station. The bus stop I'm getting off to is just beside the office. But, I still got wet.

As I'm typing this entry, the rain had stopped and most probably the flood has subsided as well. So everything is back to normal again. :)

Blogging Today

Hello peeps! Haven't blogged for a while. :)

I'm at work right now, and not so busy today. Actually, I'm not busy at all. I'm just chatting with my sister while writing this post. :)

I've missed blogging! But I have nothing to blog right now. I wanted to post a recipe to my food blog but I can't find the recipe I used! haha! So for now, I'll just bloghop. :D

Happy blogging and happy weekend everyone!

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