Are We Moving?

Early this month, I mentioned our possible relocation (Here We Go Again...). So far, everything's going that way... no twists & turns this time, unlike before. Hubby got the contract already, and it has been signed. He already got all the documents required from their London office, we just need to apply for our visa.

I've warned my manager about this possible relocation (we were both wondering if I can be transferred to our office in London as well). We've announced it to our families in the Philippines as well. I've sold some of our extra furnitures that we are no longer using, like our old TV console and our old 2-seater sofa.

So, are we moving? Not sure yet. It's not final until we get our visas approved. *fingers crossed*

Let's wait and see...


ruthi 7/29/2010 3:27 AM  

It's nice to be able to get a chance to move to a new place. Though there are some disadvantages too, there are great opportunities that we can consider as blessings. The only thing I don't like about relocating is the packing and unpacking.

janis 7/29/2010 3:31 AM  

that's also the thing that i hate the most... the packing/unpacking, which ones to pack, which ones to leave, etc etc.
just thinking about it is giving me a headache

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