Our First Week in London

We're finally here! We arrived Saturday evening (previous blog entry was posted days later). The next day we went to our friends' flat 10min away from ours (by train of course).

We are currently staying east side of London, 10-15minutes walk from hubby's office. It's a nice place, very convenient - there's Asda (supermarket) two blocks away from our flat, and there's also Tesco Express (a mini supermarket, more of a convenience store) behind our flat.

Since we'll only be staying in our current flat for a month, we went out with our relocations consultant looking for our permanent flat last Thursday. There were like 12 or so flats we'll be seeing that day. But 2-4 were already crossed out, around 2-4 more flats we cannot see that day including the one flat near our friends' (as in opposite building!). We decided to get the first one we viewed. Hope the owner will let us have it...

During the weekend we walked a bit around outside our comfort zone. We went to Oxford Street to look for coats as it was really getting colder and colder. Found what I want already, will buy it when I can't take the cold weather anymore hahaha! Sunday we went to Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guards. Too much waiting going around but it was okay. :) We saw the palace, we saw the guards. :)

That's it for now, so far so good :)

And Another Adventure Begins


We finally did it - months of preparation, weeks of selling & giving away furniture and appliances, days of packing.  And as I compose this entry I am on a flight from Singapore, our home for almost four years, to London, our soon to be home… a few hours from now. :) 

My last day at work was first week of September. I quit early because we decided to go back to the Philippines first and stay for a week there before leaving to the UK. We won’t hear the end of it from our families if we won’t go home and see them. Hihi! Plus I need to sort and prepare the things we will bring and not bring.

Although we can take with us all our furniture & appliances and whatever stuffs we have, we decided to not bring them all. It’s too troublesome to move bringing all those things! And believe me when I say that! We’ve only moved thrice (including the time when we relocated to Singapore from the Philippines) but OMG! Now, I think the only furniture we brought with us is our computer table. :D I am actually happy we sold/gave away them because I’ve been wanting to get rid of most of them for quite a while now. :)

Now that we are on our way to a new place/country far away from everyone we know, this will definitely be a new adventure for us. And we are ready to accept this with open arms. :)

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