N@W Blogs List Finished At Last!

Last month (or was it two months ago), Benz was asking around if anyone is willing to update the list of blogs made by N@W members in the N@W Yahoogroups. Since I was about to become a housewife again, I volunteered myself.

I started updating the list during my last few days at work. After my last day at work we went on a very short vacation to the Philippines before leaving to the UK, so blogroll update postponed. When we got back to Singapore, I got busy with the packing and sorting. When we moved here in London, I already forgot about the blogroll... sorry! :D

Early this week, I was reminded about this links/list of blogs when a N@Wie asked about it. So I went to it! While stewing my beef, I updated the list, and it's finally complete! Whew!

Next, I need to update the blogroll in this blog. :D

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