My mom just got back this morning from her VERY LONG vacation in the US. She was there for 6 months, stayed with some of her cousins and of course my grandma & tita (mom's sis).

There's no balikbayan without some pasalubong. There's clothes for Wookiee, my sister's shih tzu (the family's little baby. My sisters told me she has more stuffs than the rest of the family haha!), chocolates and other food of course, and some techie products. My aunt bought iPod Touch for my sisters and my mom brought it with her. Perfect time to try out my phone's FaceTime!

Hubby and I tried using FaceTime before, just to see how it works. But we were just sitting beside each other. We haven't really tried it with someone from far away. So this is kinda like my first time. :D

 My sister asked for my FaceTime ID (same as the Apple ID) so she can contact me. No idea why she can't contact me, so she gave me her FaceTime ID instead. It finally worked! The whole family's home, playing with Wookiee, looking at pictures. I toured them around our flat. And they showed me the clothed mom bought for Wookiee. She changed clothes a few times just to show me... fashion show! hihi!

Hubby's guess why it didn't work because I'm using iPhone so it's suppose to use the phone number, and my sister is using an iPod Touch so she's using her Apple ID. I didn't use hubby's ID to contact him before, I just pressed the FaceTime button from my contacts. I gave my number to my sister (it's not in her iPod yet) and told her to try to contact me thru FaceTime again, and it worked! Again! :D

FaceTime... heaven sent to those far away from their families...


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