Field Trip - Tower Of London

Two weeks ago, hubby and I went on a field trip. Yes, we were officially tourists that day. :D But we only went to one place... we went to Tower of London.

William the Conqueror had it built at the center of his fortress in London. As monarch to monarch passed, the tower turned into a prison and even a place where executions were done. If you've watched the movie The Other Boleyn Girl, this is that tower, where Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn (former wives of King Henry VIII) were executed.

The place was big! And we were not able to check out all the nooks and corners. Some were closed, the others, well we were just tired and cold already. hihi!

We enjoyed our tour.  Definitely worth a visit. :D


Anonymous 4/26/2011 8:54 PM  

The Tower is pretty impressive isn't it? I remember when we used to live in London, you take those things for granted. Now I live in Seattle, I miss them!

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