Riing Riing! Byee!

The other day, our phone rang. It seldom rings because not a lot of people knew our home phone number. I'm not even sure if my parents know that number. And whenever hubby calls, he rings my cellphone. So it really makes me wonder a lot whenever our home phone rings. The caller... some insurance marketing thing!

Since we arrived in London, these people would call us up, either looking for me or for hubby. The first time I got a call from them, this is what they said, "Have you or any family members had an accident within the last three years?" The first thing that popped inside my head was, "oh no, hubby's in an accident!" As in my heart was racing! After I realized that it's just a marketing thing, it just made me mad. I told them whatever they're saying is not possible because we've been in the UK for 2 months, and told them to keep their facts straight before calling people up. Hahaha! It's sooo obvious I was pissed! In some days, I'd talk to them nicely and tell them that the accident is impossible. But in some days.... it's like there's this big GO AWAY sign on my forehead. They're like junk mail! Oh gosh... I'm sooo mean! hahaha

So anyway, the caller the other day... poor him. As soon as I realized its for an insurance, as soon as he said "accident within the last 3 years", I told him whatever that is I'm not interested. He kept on talking! Although it seems like he's new because he's stuttering a bit and sounds nervous. So I told him my usual line, we've been in the UK for only 6 months and the flat we're living in is brand new and less than a year old. And my parting words "keep your facts straight!". And then he said some things and we hung up.



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