Weather Forecast... Good and Bad

Last Saturday, hubby and I went out. The weather was perfect! The sun was out, the temperature's not that cold! In fact it was warmer than we thought. We were wearing our winter coats and we were sweating! Seriously! Good thing we bought some jackets for spring... and yes I wore mine and didn't shiver at all. I even had yogurt ice cream for dessert and ate it while waiting for the train. :)

Another news: the day before (Friday), I went to Starbucks and saw that they're already using their new logo for their cups, mugs and cup holders. :D

Despite all these good weather and good news, Friday was not so good at all. Well, weather in the UK was okay, but in Japan....

Japan had an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that day, triggering a massive tsunami that hit Sendai, located north-east of Tokyo. This earthquake also damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. People near the power plant were already ordered to evacuate. I have friends who live in Tokyo and I was so relieved to hear that they're all doing fine.
Stay Strong Japan! 
Image: Kent Ng's Tribute "Stay Strong Japan!"

Let us continue praying for the safety of everyone in Japan, and for the earthquake/aftershocks to stop (or at least lessen).


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