No, I'm Not Bored

I’m so lazy the past few days. I want to go out, but will end up just staying at home the whole day.

People always ask me if I ever get bored because I just stay at home… the answer is always this – NO.

I do a lot of things at home. On productive days I clean the house, do the laundry, cook and bake a lot! On some lazy days I watch TV, surf the internet, and chat with family and friends.

Whenever I go online to surf the net, I can read/see all kinds of stuffs, watch videos, listen to music, read, etc. There are a lot of things to see online, helpful and informative sites, although some I think we won’t need yet like

Yesterday while chancing upon an article about VA Mortgage Refinance I realized our condo’s monthly dues. See? It’s a reminder of sorts! :D Or the other day, there was an article about Japan and it made me remember of our trip there years back and the time spent processing requirements like the Certificate of Eligibility.

So, no… I don’t get bored, and I love staying at home. :D

Counting Blessings

"Count all of your blessings and be grateful for what YOU'VE got.....stop counting other peoples blessings and count your own......"
- Tweet from Vivian Green 

A friend of mine re-tweeted this and I'd like to post it here.

I can say that hubby and I have been blessed - we've been receiving more blessing than we deserve. And because of these, we are always thankful of what we have right now.

It definitely is not avoidable to want something that others have, but at the end of the day we still need to think of what we have and be thankful for it.

Money In = Money Out

After talking about earning extra money from my Monkey Business, let's talk about spending the earned money... hate hate!

Our insurance payments will be due soon – one in September and one in December. I better set a reminder to pay it on time, otherwise… well, I don’t know what will happen otherwise. Extra charges or fees maybe? I can’t afford to pay that!

I’ve also been thinking, should we get Medicare Supplemental Insurance here in the UK? Health care here in the UK is free. But I haven’t read anything about it, like the limitations and stuffs like that. For now, I think that will do.

Okay, time for a break and catch up with my reading/browsing at Fifties Web. :D

Monkey Business

A few days ago, I was having a girly chat with two of my friends from Singapore. They mentioned this one brand to me that they only buy through online stores. It's originally from the US but's it's available here in the UK and is very much affordable. I checked their website, and they really have cheap products!

My friends then suggested that I buy some of the products they like, then sell these items and have it delivered to them in Singapore. And so I did! And then some of our friends joined in as well. Two became four, then five. In the end seven of my friends from Singapore were ordering products - mostly cosmetics, but also includes some handbags. :D

After a lot of calculation, a bit of research and checking from online sellers, and a lot (as in A LOT!) of persuasion to convince hubby to agree, I bought everything and just had it mailed a few hours ago. hihihi!

Now they're spreading the word to their friends  as well. I'm still researching on how to charge for the delivery fee. For my friends' deliveries, I just told them to pay whatever the post office charged me. For other buyers, there should be at least a fixed fee, right?

For international buyers/sellers out there, any suggestions? :D

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