Monkey Business

A few days ago, I was having a girly chat with two of my friends from Singapore. They mentioned this one brand to me that they only buy through online stores. It's originally from the US but's it's available here in the UK and is very much affordable. I checked their website, and they really have cheap products!

My friends then suggested that I buy some of the products they like, then sell these items and have it delivered to them in Singapore. And so I did! And then some of our friends joined in as well. Two became four, then five. In the end seven of my friends from Singapore were ordering products - mostly cosmetics, but also includes some handbags. :D

After a lot of calculation, a bit of research and checking from online sellers, and a lot (as in A LOT!) of persuasion to convince hubby to agree, I bought everything and just had it mailed a few hours ago. hihihi!

Now they're spreading the word to their friends  as well. I'm still researching on how to charge for the delivery fee. For my friends' deliveries, I just told them to pay whatever the post office charged me. For other buyers, there should be at least a fixed fee, right?

For international buyers/sellers out there, any suggestions? :D


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