Filipino slang word for someone (female) who loves make-up, fashion, accessories and the likes.
(definition from Urban Dictionary)

I'm not ma-kikay.
  • I don't wear make-up, because I have oily face and it will just end up looking more oily on me.
  • I only wear nail polish on my toes. I'm very clumsy and I have busy hands, so I always end up ruining nail polish on my hands.
  • I'm more comfortable wearing jeans and shirt. 
  • Before moving to London, I'd usually wear flip flops.
Lately... I've been kinda ma-kikay.
  • Since I had a haircut two months ago, I now blowdry my hair. There's a valid reason for that... If I won't blowdry my hair, they end up frizzy and all messed up! It's too embarrassing to go out looking like I just got out of bed.
  • I bought a hair straightening iron a few weeks ago. I love it! But I don't what to use it that often because I don't want to make my dry & damaged hair to become drier and more damaged!
  • I now find it weird and I feel incomplete if I do not wear at least a face powder whenever I go out (I have no idea why!). Maybe because I am now in a country with a cooler climate, ergo my face doesn't melt easily. :D 
  • I've been buying these make-up that I want to try out, mostly from e.l.f. because they're so affordable. Now I even have mascara and eye liner! But only when I'm in the mood to put them on. Usually it's just powder/foundation, then some blush/color on my cheeks and some lip gloss. :D
  • Now, I've been looking for some nice nail polish, but I'll still use them more on my toes than on my hands. 
  • I feel so out of place when I go out wearing a simple jeans, shirt and sneakers. So now I try to wear nicer tops, and during lazy times I wear my flats. 
  • Let's not forget the coats and jackets... ooohhhh if only I can buy all of them! 

So what's with all the change? I guess it has something to do with the environment, the surroundings, the people around me. People here are too... fashionable (?).

I am not yet a certified kikay... but does this mean I'm being one? hahaha! 


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