Our New Bookshelf

We finally bought a new bookshelf!

I've been asking hubby to buy one years ago, even when we were still living in Singapore. He finally gave in because... seriously... we need one!

For years, we've been using the shelf in the photo below - for our CDs, DVDs, BDs, books, Starbucks city mugs and souvenirs PLUS some of our kitchen appliances, 50% of which are in the photo below. Good thing this shelf was very sturdy with all the weight it had been handling for years. :D

I should've taken a before-and-after shot of that shelf so you'll see how many stuffs were in there. :D

Our bookshelf... now looks like this


girlay 9/16/2011 5:38 AM  

aaaawww...nice one! been wanting to have one too!

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