What a Nightmare!

I had a really weird dream last night...

I was at home, with my family. They were out of the house that time, but I was expecting my dad to be in the living room, watching TV. When I went to the living room, it was someone else... a man carrying a knife! As soon as he saw me he gave me this scary grin that I only see in movies. So I shouted and ran, and he chased me around the living room. He caught me and I screamed louder. As soon as he stabbed the knife (or was about to stab the knife) to me, I woke up.

Whew! Seriously, the dream and my screaming felt so real! I was so surprised I wasn't screaming at all when I woke up! So... thank you God for waking me up!

I think this is the result of reading too much of The Hunger Games. :D

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