Missing My Family

I miss my family…

After going back to London from our very short vacation in the Philippines, I realized that I miss my family. It took us a year before we had the chance to go back home, and I have never been gone that long before since I started working. Even during business trips, I do my best to go home at least every 6 months or every Christmas. Now, it’s different because hubby and I are too far and air fare is too expensive.

Not only do I miss my family in the Philippines, I also miss my other relatives who are in the US, especially my grandmother and aunt, they’re in New Mexico.

Tita (that’s what I call my aunt) is a doctor and a nurse (yes… both! She was a registered nurse first, then took up medicine and now she’s a doctor), but I think her career in the US is in the nursing field. I guess you can call her a Career Builder or a traveling nurse? Hihi! :D Kidding aside, she has great benefits with here current work. And she loves it there.

Lola (my grandmother), on the other hand, has been living in the US for a long time… can’t remember since when! She’s a US citizen now. Before Tita moved to the US, she was living with my aunt in LA. Now, she's with Tita in New Mexico... too far away from our other relatives.

Hope Lola and Tita can visit me here…. Or maybe hubby and I can visit them there… :D


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