Shopping Galore!

I looove shopping! (Well, who doesn't?)

Whether it's just window shopping or really buying something, I love going to the malls and boutiques and just browse around.

One of my favorite department/area that I visit - the kitchen and home appliances. :) I'd pass by each aisle when I visit this area of a store. I'd look at baking pans, cookware, mixing bowls, etc. I just love looking at them.

Another favorite department I visit - handbags and accessories. :) What they say is right, a woman can never have enough bags! hihihi!

Now that my "monkey business" is going well (going well means at least 1 order every 2 months), I go shopping for others!

If only money is not that big an issue, there's a possibility that our kitchen now is full of whatever stuffs I find in the mall, and I will definitely need my very own bag closet. hihihi!


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