Where Will You Sit?

Hubby and I watched a movie the other day, Marvel's Avengers Assemble. Great movie, by the way! Hihi!

Whenever we watch a movie, we usually take the aisle seats, unless it's a 3D movie. That day we decided to just watch the movie on 2D and all the aisle seats were taken, except the ones on the very top. All the seats on the top row were still available. So that's were we sat, at the top seats that's just past the aisle. The seats along the aisle would've been perfect because no one's blocking the view... except when people walk. So... no thanks!

After a few minutes, a couple sat on the top seats that's directly along the aisle. A minute or so after, the girl stood up and sat beside me, far away from the aisle, but the guy still stayed in his seat.

The seats started to fill up, until there were no more seats available on the top row. They also started dimming the lights, and then the guy stood up from his seat, went to the girl and talked to her.

Guy: What are you doing? Why are you sitting there?
Girl: I don't want the seat across the aisle.
Guy: You should've told me, I'd sit beside you.

And then the guy went back to his seat. Anyway, they can't do anything anymore because the cinema was packed up to the front row!

How about you? Where do you usually seat when watching a movie? And what if your movie companion wants another seat? Do you stay on the seat that you want, or move to sit beside your companion? :)

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