Right Case, Wrong Size

I wanted to buy a new case for my iPhone. I've been seeing cute cases and I wanted to try them out.

I saw one on eBay, a silicone case designed as a cassette tape. Cute, right? :D So I bid on it... £0.99 minimum, I bid less than £2.00 (I think?). Eventually I won the item for £0.99 with free delivery!

Yey, right? :D ... Nope! Not "yey!", but "oops!"!

When I received my order, I found out it was for an iPhone 3/3GS! What the...?!?!?! After receiving it, I went back to eBay and re-read the description, no mention of for what model it is for, I just assumed it was for an iPhone 4. The only hint is the picture the seller posted, which was not that big and clear at all!
Sadness overload!

So what to do with this?! I sold it on eBay. Also for £0.99, but I added the shipping cost. :D I'm just so glad I was able to resell it.

By the way, I left a negative feedback on the eBay seller because he/she lacks putting detailed description on the item he/she's selling. I checked the other negative feedbacks, and they have the same comment... the seller seldom put detailed description on the item. Bad seller!

Next time, read everything! Even the details in the picture!


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